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The former government known as SYNDICATE, left the Earth  to face off against the oncoming Asteroid Field.


The outside air began to mutate the living. The ones who were infected and not medically treated would explode.


The remaining world leaders joined together to figure out a plan to save the planet. The New World Government was here by known as CYBER NET


After 2 years of saving thousands of lives , Cyber Net was now seen as heroes to society. Cyber Net then came up with a 3 World Tier System.


After 20 years of underground construction Cyber Nets 3 World Tier System began. All remaining civilization was moved to THE SLUMS


It didn't take long for Cyber Net to create a higher tier of living for society. By the year 3130, the MIDDLE CLASS world tier 2 was Established and ready for society to advance.


Cyber Nets long awaited vision finally came true. The final world tier was complete. The first access to clean air, Sunlight , and clean water.. This luxury world tier is known as ROYALTY.


Present Day

  • Deals with The Arson section of Cybernet Clearing any debris or homes of the Slums revolutionist.
  • The Red faction will stop at nothing to get the job done. Fire squads patrol the streets at night keeping the Slum skies painted red.
  • The most lenient of the CYBER NET Army. With expertise in healing this Faction helps more than it harms.
  • Blue Faction freezes there opponents leaving them powerless and vulnerable.
  • Doctors ,nurses and those with medical experience tend to join the BLUE FACTION.


Token Organization

1200 Common Staking Tokens/Memberships
600 Rare Staking Tokens/Memberships
300 Ultra Rare Staking Tokens/Memberships

The Meta Cube

  • Obtaining a meta cube will admit you to the NFT LOTTERY GAMES MAIN EVENT!!
  • This will be a tournament amongst ALL METACUBE OWNERS!!
  • Everyone who discovers these META CUBES will have a equal  opportunity at winning the NFTLG JACKPOT!!
  • The NFTLG JACKPOT includes :

    1. An all expenses paid trip to our exotic headquarters!!

    2. An exclusive business meeting with the Founders and Lead Project Designers of NFTLG!!!

    3. Lastly a huge NFT Lottery Games Cash Prize!!


Small Goals

Release 100 Cyber Net Avatars on SOLSEA

Make Discord Public

Release Comic Teaser

Release NFTLG Comic Chapter 1 "Cyber Net

Release Cyber Net Staking Token Teaser

Release 525 of 2100 Cyber Net Staking Tokens/Memberships on SOLSEA

Release 10 videos explaining key terms in the NFT Space

Reach 525 Cyber Net Members

Hire Web Developer to create Cyber Net Staking Platform for Cyber Net Members

Present our first NFT Lottery Game upon reaching 525 Members

Mid Goals

Hire a 2D animator to take our NFTLG Comic to the next level

Hire a 3D artist

Release the NFTLG Comic Cyber Net chapter 1 in multiple languages

Reach 1050 Cyber Net Members

Reach 1000 members to join our discord

Release 950 Free Mint Cyber Net Avatars for the community on SOLSEA

Release the next 525 Cyber Net Staking tokens/memberships on SOLSEA

Present our second NFT Lottery Game upon reaching 1050 Members

Reveal the SLUMS SHOP. Purchase exclusives with earned SLUM coin exclusively in our discord.

ultimate Goals

Raffle VIP passes which earn exclusive rewards at our Cyber Net Art Show

Release the last 1050 Cyber Net Staking Tokens/Memberships on SOLSEA

Release the last 1050 FREE MINT Cyber Net Avatars for the community on SOLSEA

Announce the start date for the Cyber Net Staking Platform so members can earn exclusive variations of their soldier.

Reveal our third NFT Lottery Game upon reaching 2100 Cyber Net Members.

Host tournament for 20 Metacubes via our NFT Lottery Game.

Reveal Teaser for NFTLG Chapter 2

Reach 1000 followers on all NFTLG socials



Access to all ART SHOWS

A Guaranteed slot in our NFT Lottery Games

A chance to win a META CUBE or find a meta cube via unlockable content

Unlocks special rewards when combined with the avatar of the same name

Chances to win tangible NFTLG rewards

Chances to win Cash prizes

Exclusive Cyber Net faction discord access

Earn 1 Slum coin per day via discord

Eligible for staking rewards

Unlockable content

Access to Advanced Rewards in our SLUM SHOP via discord

Access to White list registration for NFTLG Comic Chapter 1

Access to application forms to join the NFTLG TEAM

Chance to Win VIP access at our community Events


Access to all ART SHOWS

A chance to win an official Cyber Net Membership

Unlocks special rewards when combined with the staking token of the same name.

Access to Avatar NFT Lottery Games

Earn 1 SLUM Coin every 2 days via discord

Exclusive access to the AVATAR CHAT via discord


Rewards 1

All staking rewards vary per category. For example after staking for two months you will then be awarded for your soldiers next resistance.

Rewards 2

After staking for four months you will then be granted voting privileges in the CYBERNET Army. You will also be rewarded your soldiers next resistance.

Rewards 3
Grow in the community

Congratulations you have now staked for six months! you have earned your faction badge and may now run for faction Senate member. On top of that you will receive your soldiers next resistance.

Rewards 4

At the eight month mark you will be airdropped the soldiers next resistance.

Rewards 5

Month Ten includes a middle class CYBERNET soldier as well as your soldiers next resistance tier.

Rewards 6

Congratulations you made it to a year! Not only will you receive your final soldiers resistance but you also will be granted your second Faction badge.


coming soon

As the story is written in history, Earth was left to its doom in 3089. SYNDICATE which was the government at the time, gathered the most skilled, smartest, and strongest aboard ships and left earth to battle against an oncoming Asteroid field.

The year is now 3094. 5 years after Doom89, the outside air became hazardous with many variations of viruses that would create sores all over your body, if you were lucky. Some would double in size.. Others would just explode..

A year later,  the remaining world leaders  who were left behind gathered together to create the new UNION form of governance. The new government was known as CYBER NET. After years of investigation. Cyber Net uncovered the truth. The truth was that SYNDICATE, knew the asteroid field was coming and decided to stay quiet and leave everyone for dead..The Union voted  yes. So they hosted a live speech to the world.

3098 - The Cyber Net Speech. The remaining world leaders told everyone the news about SYNDICATE. This brought rage to the remaining civilization which is what Cyber Net secretly wanted. This anger was  the fuel to the fire to get humanity back on its feet and to strengthen themselves so they can defeat the SYNDICATE SCUM!! Cyber Net announced a plan to keep everyone safe from infection.. They have created bigger Underground Sanctuaries where everyone can prosper. This will take time but together the world will become a safer place..

In just two years  CYBER NET army became alot more organized and the Union created more rules and regulations for new world order. The world began to get divided into 3 world tiers.

Tier 3 is knows as THE SLUMS, which is a located in the Earths Outer Core and the lower Mantle. Tier 2 which is Middle Class. The Middle Class is located in the Earths center Mantle and the upper  molten asthenosphere.  Then theirs Royalty  which is Tier 1. The Royalty is located in the Oceanic Crust and what is left of Earths Continental crust.

By 3120 Cyber Nets vision became the worlds new reality. Everyone began in Tier 3 which was known as THE SLUMS. Your passport displayed how much currency you have. The SLUMS is the rawest world tier for entertainment. Hidden parties , Gambling , Death Fights , and hey if you get into it with someone you dont like, you can always place a Bounty for some SLUM COIN. Survival is the #1 factor in this world tier. Can you save your money and make it out of the SLUMS? Or will you give in to your urges choose excitement?

Middle Class was built by the year 3140. To gain access to the MIDDLE CLASS, your SLUMS passport must contain a certain amount of SLUM COIN. Once you reach this amount CYBER NET collects taxes on it which creates and validates your NEW MIDDLE CLASS passport. This is how you are granted access to MIDDLE CLASS. You are then given 100 MC Coins (MIDDLE CLASS) which enough for a apartment to start your next chapter. MIDDLE CLASS offers better access to greater technology. Jobs that pay higher then the average SLUM job. Once you reach a certain amount of MC Coin. You pay your taxes to CYBER NET and are then granted access to the NEXT WORLD TIER.

By 3160 World Tier 1 was finally finished. Access to Clean Air , Sun Light , Clean Water.. The Safe heaven from viruses and Toxins. All the air is filtered from the outside through a glass barrier built around the oceanic and and continental crust. Not only do you gain access to travel these beautiful paradises, but also have access to the worlds most dominant technologies. This beautiful dream World, Tier 1 was known as,  ROYALTY. To gain access to ROYALTY your MC passport must have an exceedingly amount of MC Coin which is then taxed by CYBER NET. This will provide you with the most advanced passport which displays your currency and everything you can think of with Augmented Reality. You are then granted Some ROYALTY COIN to further your adventures.

3189, 100 years after the doom of 89.. As civilization continues to multiply so does the amount of Cyber Net Soldiers. By joining the CYBER NET army, your benefits include VOTING RIGHTS. Since the CYBER NET ARMY is unionized. Every soldier has a voice. Also based upon your IQ and artillery skill level you can travel without restrictions. That alone thousands want to join the CYBER NET army.


Who we are



Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director



Web Designer


Motion Graphic Designer


Discord Manager


Digital Artist


Digital Artist

Now Hiring

Now Hiring

Now Hiring

Now Hiring



Founder & Creative Director


Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director

senate member

to be announced!

Video game developer 1

Now hiring!

Video game developer 2

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3d artist

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Web developer

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Discord Manager


Where can I view the Cyber Net Collection?

You can view our collection on SOLSEA.io We will publish the collection once we have completed tangible rewards our members can earn.

How can I earn SLUM COIN?

You can earn SLUM Coin by simply joining our NFTLG Discord and typing "?coin". You can earn more SLUM COIN by obtaining a CYBER NET Staking Token/Membership and also by obtaining a CYBERNET AVATAR.